How Roost works for residential and multifamily properties

How it works for multifamily properties

A perk that’s free and good for both of you

Like a friend with good advice, Roost provides residents with renter-specific guidance, planning tools, and money expertise to live well and make progress, while you get…

  • Improved resident satisfaction
  • Innovative products and services that set you apart
  • Improved financial stability of your residents
  • Increased cashflow and property value

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Why choose Roost

How Roost works for multifamily properties

More loyal residents

Renter-specific advice and resources build goodwill with renters, reduce conflict points, and help boost review ratings.

How Roost works for multifamily properties

Seamless security deposit

Our security-deposit program (coming soon!) helps residents actually understand what they’re responsible for so they get more of it back and leave your asset in better condition.

How Roost works for multifamily properties

Improved financial stability

Our financial products, reviews, and recommendations help them live well and save up.

Why residents love Roost

  • Budgeting tips, savings deals, and products to help improve financial stability
  • Understanding their rights & responsibilities reduces classic tenant conflict and confusion points
  • Access to Roost, a trusted third party, builds goodwill towards properties

How to get started


Sign up your property

Tell us a bit about your properties and how you work. Roost is free for you and your residents.


Add your residents

We’ll support the leasing team with auto-registration, a welcome kit, sample emails, and fliers for residents and applicants. And, a thank you latte on us!


They get $150 in savings

Over time, we’ll personalize the info residents receive, tapping our library of renter hacks, advice & money ideas.

Frequently asked questions

What is Roost?

Roost is a handy resource for renters, designed to share information, tools, and products that help renters make informed decisions, protect their stuff, and save money.

What results can I expect?

Appreciation and engagement from your residents — who are just a bit happier having access to great information at the tip of their fingers and personalized perks and savings each month.

What support do you offer our leasing team?

Roost supports leasing teams with automatic registration and a welcome kit, sample emails and fliers for residents and new applicants.

Can we add branded content to Roost for our residents?

Yes, you can. Let’s talk about what you have in mind. We have a few ways to do this.

Do you integrate with property management software?

Contact for more information and/or to inquire about a particular software.

Can a resident continue with Roost after they leave the property?

Yes! Once a Roost member, always a Rooster. Unless they want to cancel, which they can do at anytime.