How-Roost-works-for-renters | Make smart money moves

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Whether you’re staying put in your apartment for another year or moving in a month, get personalized tips and deals that’ll help you settle in, make smart money moves, and maintain a good relationship with your landlord — every step of the way.

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How-Roost-works-for-renters | Make smart money moves

How it works

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Renters get $150 in savings with Roost

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You’ll get $150 in deals and savings shortly after you join. Then, stay tuned for our first product coming soon!

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  • $150 in savings shortly after you sign up
  • Ongoing budgeting tips & savings deals
  • Guidance about your rights & responsibilities as a renter
  • Financial product comparisons and planning calculators
  • Early access to our future financial products and services

Deals & good stuff galore!

We’ll help you review and compare products and services from companies like:

Mint Mobile

Frequently asked questions

What kind of savings will I get?

Shortly after you join, we’ll send you more than $150 in deals and savings. As we get to know you better, we’ll add more options to your membership, like personalized content, money hacks, and even some helpful ways to protect your security deposit and put it to work.

Where is Roost available?

Roost is available pretty much anywhere for renters. A few of our newer products are still a work in progress, and may only be available in a few locations at first.

Do you offer landlord/property owner reviews?

Not yet! If you think this would be helpful, shoot us a note with some thoughts at

What is your methodology or editorial guidelines when reviewing products?

We’re looking for products and services that will help you live well and save money. When reviewing products or options, we aim to provide the pros and cons so you can make a decision that’s good for you. That said, there are certainly some products that are better choices than others and quite a few that just shouldn’t be recommended at all — so we don’t.

What new products are you coming out with?

We’re hard at work building the app and first financial product. Hang tight. A new way to borrow and cover unexpected expenses is coming soon!

Do you sell my data?

No no no no no no. We’re extremely intentional about how your information is used. Thanks to bank-like security, your personal information is tucked away safely. And we never share it with unaffiliated parties for marketing.