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Hand-off the hassle, reduce your risk

Roost takes over the traditional security deposit refund and compliance process while providing a safety net for residents. Protect your portfolio, lower costs, and set your property apart.  

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Good for you both

Roost’s platform provides you with full security deposit protection and takes the headache out of payment processing and compliance. It also helps your residents leverage, protect, and save their money so they can live well and make progress.

  • Fill vacancies faster
  • Save an average $50/deposit
  • Increase on-time payments
  • Improve resident reviews
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A simple, free platform

  • Free security deposit outsourcing
  • Free compliance management
  • Free curated renter guidance & savings
  • Resident refund & interest tracking
  • Security deposit “unlock” for emergencies (small fee charged to residents)

Let’s get your property up and rolling in no time.

How it works

Sign up for free

Set yourself apart with a modern financial amenity for your residents. It’s no cost to you and free to your residents (except for a small fee for Unlock).

Integrate Roost at lease checkout

Residents pay their deposit as part of your online lease checkout process and existing residents are transferred in bulk. Learn more about set up.

Track your security deposit coverage

Roost holds deposits in a trust account for you and automatically generates a tracking ID in your system replacing the deposit.

Provide great resident benefits

Residents get access to renting and financial guidance, savings deals and tips, and a simple way to leverage and protect the money they have.

Automated claims & refunds

At move-out, you report damages in your system as usual. You receive reimbursement within three days, and residents can track their refund and get it back fast.

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Happier multifamily for everyone

Rental property owner

Property owners

Improve NOI while increasing affordability and financial stability for residents, at no cost to you.

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Apartment property manager

Property managers

Hand-off the hassle of security deposit processing. Reduce disputes, improve reviews.

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Residents can leverage the money they have, avoid common renting pitfalls, and save more.

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Compliance peace of mind

Unless you’re a circus juggler or a lawyer, managing data privacy, regulatory and compliance requirements for deposit holding, escrow licensing, surety bonds, money transmission, and electronic communication can be pretty overwhelming. That’s why we do it for you, when it’s legally required or simply because it’s merited.

Is Roost a security deposit alternative?

Nope. We just make your existing process more efficient, less of a headache to manage, and provide meaningful financial benefits for your residents. Outsource your entire security deposit management process to us or add us in addition to a security deposit alternative provider.

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  • Roost incentivizes less damage. Quicker return to rent roll
  • Deposit services for receiving, holding, returning, installments, and more.
  • Compliance and fast reimbursement guaranteed
  • Great financial benefits for the resident and better reviews for property