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Modern deposit management

that’s good for you both

Roost is a deposit automation platform that doubles as a financial wellness app for renters.

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Boost NOI

Improve resident financial health


Hand off the hassle of deposit payment processing and compliance. You’ll maintain full protection while unlocking a low-cost way for residents to smooth out cash flow.


Turn your refundable deposits into an instant emergency fund and a simple way to build credit. Plus, get personalized guidance, savings deals, and faster refunds.

The Roost Platform

There’s no monthly SaaS cost for properties, and Roost’s basic app is free for residents.


Offload deposit intake and refund payments to save time and money.

Payment Plans

Enable deposit payments over 12 weeks to help fill vacancies faster.

interest accruals

Never worry about making or tracking required interest payments again


Rest easy that Roost aligns workflows to the latest legislative requirements.

Resident financial health

Help residents avoid fees, build credit, and make more of their own money.

Let’s get your property up and rolling in no time

Lease faster, attract residents


lower costs

Roost reduces your cost to manage deposits and makes move-in more affordable for renters.


less damage

Our product is designed to help inform and incentivize residents to take the best possible care of their units.


fewer disputes

Residents get an itemized list of any charges and fast refunds, improving transparency and reviews.

How it works

Roost integrates with your property management system to support your entire building, from newly approved applicants to longtime residents.

Onboard instantly

Add new residents to Roost automatially at lease checkout. Existing residents and their deposits are transferred in bulk.

Improve financial health

Improve financial stability for residents with guidance, savings, and a simple, low-cost way to smooth out cash flow and build credit.

Automate refunds

Complete your final account statement like usual. We manage notifications, damage itemization and refund deadlines. You and your residents get money back within 3 business days.

Compliance, accuracy and peace of mind

No forgotten deposits, missed notifications or return deadlines. We keep track of changing deposit legislation so you don’t have to.

Best-in-class support

We’re with you from move- in to move-out

Enjoy dedicated account management and a Help Center with customizable marketing, training & FAQs.

Deposit specialist at your side

You don’t need to be an escrow, deposit or money transaction expert—that’s our job now.

Let’s get your property up and rolling in no time