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Modernize and automate cash security deposit management

Automate your cash security deposit management to reduce costs by up to 80%, stay compliant, and provide your residents with meaningful financial amenities.

Significant time & cost savings

Full asset protection & reduced delinquencies

Better resident loyalty & financial health

Save up to 80% compared to managing
security deposits in-house

Roost cash security deposit management
Roost cash security deposit management
Roost cash security deposit management

Automate the repetitive, time-consuming security deposit tasks with Roost so your team can focus on revenue-generating activities instead. Save your site and accounting team time by streamlining payments, holding interest, jurisdictional compliance, processing refunds and organizing unclaimed property.

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Less clunky process. More time for your team.

Automated security deposit collection and refunds

No more manual deposit requests, payment reminders, or refund issuance—Roost does it for you. Say goodbye to check printing, envelopes, postage and time spent following up on uncashed checks.

2-way sync with popular PMS systems

Smart notifications and deep integrations automate existing workflows so your team doesn’t miss a beat. Whether it’s Yardi, Realpage, or Entrata, they never need to leave your workflow and your accounting system remains the master system of record.

Cost savings cash security deposit management
Cost savings cash security deposit management
Cost savings cash security deposit management

A modern cash security deposit experience that’s
easier on everyone

Free app keeps residents informed & reduces questions

Faster refunds mean better reviews & lower compliance risk

Roommate splits & check reissuance built-in

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Financial amenities that make renters happy

Interest rewards

Residents can earn Interest rewards on their security deposit balance.

Faster, smarter refunds

Residents can choose their refund payment preference, split it among roommates, and track its progress every step of the way.

Credit building

On-time rent payments and helpful content helps renters build credit history and save more over time.

Guides & savings

Helpful product comparisons and guidance on everything money. Plus, discounts and savings deals from over 100 leading brands.

Financial amenities for renters
Financial amenities for renters
Financial amenities for renters

Best-in-class support

Built-in resident support

Roost works as an extension of your team. From deposit payments, questions about refunds or replacing lost checks — that’s our job now.

Compliance expertise

No matter where your properties are located, our security deposit specialists keep track of changing regulatory requirements so you don’t have to.

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