About Us - Roost

Our mission

To help renters get ahead and live well with every move they make.

Our story

Like many young companies, the founding of Roost was inspired in part by personal experience. Moving from one apartment to another in search of lower rent. Signing a lease without fully understanding its terms. Coming to the realization that housing costs and other expenses left little room to set aside any savings.

We’re building Roost so that anyone who rents can live well now — and get ahead. That means easy-to-understand information about renters’ rights and responsibilities. It means clear explanations about products that might help (or hurt) someone’s financial picture. It also means replacing archaic rental systems with more modern products that are designed for the way we live (er, rent) today.

Here’s to a life well-rented.

What we’re building

We’re building a platform for modern renters. Guidance and financial product comparisons are up first, followed by modern renting products designed to build financial security. (Wanna build with us? See our current openings.)

What we believe

  • Being a decent human being comes first.
  • Smart product design moves mountains.
  • Everyone deserves to make progress.
  • People success leads to business success.
  • Hard work, grit and perseverance wins (okay, and a little luck too!).