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The Roost app includes a curated selection of smart products, limited-time offers and special deals from 100s of trusted brands to help your residents save money on services they need or already use.

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How to budget

8 simple steps for making a budget work

Budgeting is one of the best ways to make the most of your money and budgeting apps are great for helping you do this. By thinking ahead about how much money you have coming in, and mapping out where it should all go, you’re more likely to have enough money to carry you through to the next paycheck.

Guides & savings

From a comprehensive guide on how to get their full security deposit back to a rent affordability calculator, Roost’s guides and tools empower renters to plan ahead.

Renting & money tips

Hundreds of articles provide guidance on everything money—budgeting, paying down debt, investing & more—as well as useful tips for a harmonious renting experience.

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From renters insurance to fee-free banking apps, Roost compares hundreds of products to help residents get what they need without paying more than they have to.