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Outsource your deposit management at a fraction of the cost it takes to manage the process in-house. Even better? Provide residents with truly helpful financial amenities and perks that differentiate your property and improve transparency and loyalty.

Plans overview


Streamlined security deposit management with financial perks for residents.

The basics to get you started…

  • Deposit and refund management
  • Electronic and mailed refunds and statements
  • Resident financial perks


Added workflows, features and compliance to drive efficiency for large operations.

Everything in Preferred plus…

  • Interest accrual by jurisdiction
  • Data driven insights
  • Ancillary revenue opportunities
  • …and more!

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Security deposit payment collection

ACH, Certified Express, credit card and more

All deposit types supported

Security, pet, storage, smart-tech

Deposits held at FDIC-insured bank

Roommate split payments

Deposit receipt issuance

Automated mid-lease adds/changes

Configurable workflow approvals

ACH returns/charge backs

SmartComplianceby jurisdiction

Deposit hold w/Certified Express*

Interest accrual/rewards

Resident financial amenities

Deposit & refund tracking app

Financial guidance & savings

Rent reporting for credit (coming soon!)

Interest rewards

Help Center – FAQs and online support


Refund by resident payment preference

ACH, same day push-to-card, check

Split refunds by roommate

Forwarding address capture

Charge itemization & descriptions

Electronic deposit accounting statements

Monthly damage charge reimbursement

Unapplied credits disbursement

Mailed checks & statements – 1st class mail

Forwards to billing/collections

Smart reminders for deadlines processing

In-app damage invoice & photo proof

Automated payable close

Unit/resident ledger refund posting

Synced refund approvals

Cancel/void & reissue lost checks

Integrations & reporting

Automated 2-way sync with Yardi, Realpage, Entrata

Payment & refund details reporting

Property-specific beginning & ending balances

Data-driven insights

Single sign-on

Custom integration

Support & other

Help Center

Dedicated acct management

Ancillary revenue opportunities

Indicates per transaction fee applies

Optional service that resident can add on for a fee or membership upgrade

What’s the ROI with Roost?

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What is Roost?

Roost is a SaaS-enabled deposit management platform. The platform automates and manages cash deposits for properties and provides financial amenities to residents.  

How does pricing work?

We charge by the refund transaction and mailing (if required by your jurisdiction). Depending on the plan, we charge a small monthly SaaS fee.Our property partners save up to 80% with Roost vs managing deposits in-house—and they get compliance by jurisdiction as well as loyalty-boosting benefits for their residents, too.

What type of support does Roost offer? 

All of our property partners receive online support and access to a robust Help Center. If you opt for a paid plan, you’ll also get dedicated account management, integration support, and launch support.

Does Roost offer pilots? 

We’re happy to start with a pilot so you can see Roost in action before moving onto the rest of your portfolio. We can even get you up and running in a week. 

What does Roost do with residents’ information?

Roost does not sell residents’ personal information or share it with unaffiliated third parties for their own advertising or marketing purposes. All transmissions between parties are encrypted in transit using TLS (SSL) connections, such as HTTPS. All data at rest are also encrypted. Specific data, such as PII, are additionally encrypted by the application (“column encryption”). Learn more on our security page.

Does Roost integrate with other applications and systems? 

Our platform already integrates with Realpage, Entrata, and Yardi and is included in our Preferred plan. As part of the Enterprise plan, we can integrate with other property management systems, Salesforce and third party BI tools.  

More questions? 

Bring ‘em on! We’d love to chat and are happy to pull together a quick ROI overview so you can see what Roost can do for you. Shoot us a note at