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Streamline security deposit refunds in
3 easy steps

Roost’s refund automation software streamlines the security deposit refund refund process into three easy steps. Save your team thousands of hours per year while modernizing the resident experience.

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Refund calculation

Payment & statement issuance

PMS syncing

Automated damage & charges capture with refund automation

Complete your inspection and enter damages and charges as usual into your property management system. Roost syncs all data—including credits, descriptions and damage proof data—to calculate the refund amount and provide your residents with a fully itemized financial account statement.

Roost refund payable software
Roost refund payable software
Roost refund payable software
Roost refund payable software
Roost refund payable software
Roost refund payable software

Refund Issuance

Once you approve the refund amount in your property management system, Roost auto-debits the payment from your designated account and issues the refund based on the resident’s preference—direct deposit, instant (using real-time payment network) or mailed check (1st class). Roost manages resident consent, roommate splits, includes damage invoices/receipts and images, and sends a fully itemized accounting statement with each refund — electronically or by 1st class mail per the jurisdiction requirement.  

Stay in sync

Your property management system remains the system of record. With Refund Automation Software, Roost closes the payable, and all transactions are posted back to your ledger. You’ll also have access to online deposit reconciliation and unclaimed property reports.

Roost refund payable software
Roost refund payable software
Roost refund payable software

Why cash security deposits

are here to stay

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Support beyond the refund

Your accounting team can see upcoming balance transfers, deposit reconciliation and uncashed check reporting anytime in our online portal. 

Resident refund inquiries, lost or uncashed checks, stopped payments and address changes? That’s included with refund automation. We’ll take care of those, too.

Have a backlog of uncashed security deposit refunds you need help with? Ask us about our

Missing refundee service >>

Roost Support
Roost Support
Roost Support

Refunds compliant with every jurisdiction

Compliance officer
Compliance officer
Compliance officer
  • Smart notifications for refund deadlines
  • Itemized deposit accounting statement
  • Consent management & e-signing
  • Damage proof including photos & vendor invoices
  • Unapplied credit support
  • Uncashed check reminders and tracking

The Roost Refund Guarantee

If a refund is ever late due to our error or oversight, we cover the cost.

Security deposit refunds that makes
everyone a little happier

  • Modern, flexible, faster refund options for residents
  • Better refund transparency & self-serve options
  • Automates manual & repetitive accounting tasks
  • Saves thousands of hours of time every year
Happy renters
Happy renters
Happy renters