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Boost NOI & renter financial health at the same time

Boost resident loyalty and encourage on-time rent payments while helping renters build credit history and improve their financial stability.

Build credit history with Roost credit for renters

Renters say:


are more likely to pay rent on-time with rent reporting



of Americans would like to make improvements to their credit score


A meaningful amenity. At no cost or risk to you.

Attract & retain good residents

Provide a financial amenity applicants want and reward your current residents. You’ll also help strengthen the overall applicant pool for the multifamily industry.

Boost NOI

Increase cash flow with more on-time rent payments, reduce turnover and boost your bottom line by building stronger landlord-tenant relationships. Roost Credit is provided at no cost to you and requires no property involvement.

Help your residents build credit history

Build credit history by reporting rent payments with Roost

Roost credit for on-time rent

Helping renters get credit for paying rent can increase on-time payments, prevent evictions, and help lower vacancies. Roost automates rent reporting to Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Residents can opt-in and cancel anytime. According to studies by TransUnion, residents may boost their credit score from 20-100 points in the first year.

Roost credit building know-how

Credit impacts nearly every aspect of your residents’ financial and renting lives. With Roost, your residents get free access easy-to-understand guides, articles, product comparisons and savings deals that can help them boost their credit history, save more, and get ahead faster

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Roost knowledge and know how for credit history building

Renter financial wellness & NOI.

See how they’re connected.

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