Property owners - Roost security deposit management and compliance

Better NOI & resident affordability


Roost’s platform improves the financial performance of your properties and the financial health of your residents. Get security deposit management and compliance for your property — including installment processing, deposit/refund management, and a fully automated process using your property management software. Connect residents to simple ways they can protect, leverage, tap, and save their money.

How we help

  • No cost to you
  • Fills vacancies faster
  • Incentivize the right renting behavior for higher-quality turns
  • A resident amenity that sets you apart
  • Provides full security deposit protection across your portfolio
  • Reduce security deposit compliance risk
  • Better cash flow with more on-time rent payments
  • Better security deposit reviews
  • Effortless for onsite teams

No more costly compliance mistakes

Your team members don’t need to be escrow, deposit or money transaction experts—that’s our job now. Roost integrates with your property management system to build regulatory requirements directly into the workflows so you avoid disputes, fees, and penalties.

We use an eight-point SmartDeposit checklist to ensure that all state requirements are met, as well as any unique rent board or jurisdiction regulations. This includes:

  • Deposit limits & types
  • Required notices
  • Holding
  • Inspection
  • Interest
  • Returning
  • Financial transactions
  • Documentation

Hand-off the hassle in as little as a week

It doesn’t take long to set up Roost. We work within your exisiting property management system to streamline deposit workflows and take the headache out of payment processing, property manager-to-accounting handoffs, interest payments, and refunds.

A free platform that helps residents, too

There’s no monthly SaaS cost for Roost. Residents get the security deposit and refund tracking tracking tools, guidance and tips, and deals and savings for free, too.

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