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Outsource security deposit management
Improve resident financial health


Roost’s platform improves the financial performance of your properties and the financial health of your residents. Outsource security deposit management for improved efficiency and resident service that sets your property apart.

How we help

  • Cuts in-house deposit management by 80%
  • Centralizes process to reduce error and risk
  • Loyalty-enhancing financial perks for your residents
  • Effortless for onsite teams

No more costly compliance mistakes

Your team members don’t need to be escrow, deposit or money transaction experts—that’s our job now. Roost integrates with your property management system to build regulatory requirements directly into the workflows so you avoid disputes, fees, and penalties.

Hand-off the hassle in as little as a week

It doesn’t take long to set up Roost. We work within your existing process to streamline deposit workflows and take the headache out of deposit collection, refunds, roommate splits, check/statement mailing, and more.

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