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Outsource & centralize your cash security deposits

Take the headache and risk out of cash security deposits with end-to-end deposit management for both new and existing residents and for properties located nationwide.

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How security deposit automation works


Security deposit payment collection

Roost collects security & pet deposits and deposit holds as needed. Deposits are held in a property-specific account at an FDIC-insured bank. Want to use your own bank, we can support that too.

Certified funds

Our same-day Certified Express payment option reduces NSFs and charge-backs for last-minute move-ins.

Automatic ledger posting

Roost posts payments to your PMS ledger and notifies the site team once payment has settled.

security deposit automation
security deposit automation
security deposit automation

During lease

Banking & Interest management

Residents earn interest on their deposit balance as specified by the jurisdiction. Need help with 1099 management? That’s included too. In addition, residents are eligibile for additional interest rewards as a Blue member.

Easy mid-lease changes

Add a pet deposit? Change of roommates? Roost syncs with your PMS to see the change and prompt resident payment.

Move-out security deposit automation

No change to your move-out process

Complete your inspection and add damages and charges as usual. Residents use the Roost app to choose their refund method and track the status.

Refund & statement issuance

Roost sends the refund payment and itemized deposit account statement. Say goodbye to ACH processing, printing checks, envelope stuffing, postage, and trips to the post office.

Deposit accounting & reconciliation

Your property management system remains the system of record. Damages and charges are returned to your account. You’ll also have access to online deposit reconciliation reports.

Beyond the refund

No more responding to resident inquiries, dealing with lost or uncashed checks, address changes, or stopped payments—that’s our job now.

security deposit refund automation
security deposit refund automation
security deposit refund automation

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Security Deposit Automation.

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A complete security deposit solution, for all your residents

security deposit automation
security deposit automation
security deposit automation
  • Modern payments options, roommate splits & faster refunds
  • Smart reminders keep residents & site teams up to date
  • Required statements, notices, & receipts automatically provided

Partnering with Roost saves my site team hours of work every month, and they’re happy to be done handling deposit payments and refunds. Our residents are also happier because they can use their deposit in an emergency and get their refund back faster.”

– D. Hirsh, Owner, Palomar Properties

Compliance peace of mind for your entire portfolio

security deposit compliance
security deposit compliance
security deposit compliance

Jurisdiction-specific configuration

Our SmartCompliance check ensures rent board or jurisdiction regulatory requirements are configured directly into the workflows.

No forgotten forms or late refunds

Roost automatically issues all necessary statements, refunds and notices to help you avoid disputes, fees, and penalties.

Plans for every type of property.

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