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Student Housing

Security Deposit Automation Overview

Learn how to save up to 80% on in-house costs and modernize student housing security deposit management with an automated service that collects, stores and manages refunds to save your team time and hassle.

Get an overview of how it works, a summary of key features — plus, a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

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Whether you lease by the bed or by the unit, Roost brings flexibility, efficiency, and scalability to student deposit management. You’ll streamline manual tasks, improve compliance, and save hundreds of hours per month for your site and accounting teams.

Roost’s Student Housing Security Deposit Automation Overview outlines details of how it works, features and frequently asked questions.

  • Simplify the back office process and reduce costs by up to 80%
  • Process thousands of deposit payments & refunds during peak months
  • Offer deposits and refunds by bed/roommate
  • Easily support guarantors & international students
  • Meet deposit compliance requirements in any location.

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