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Roost plans

Pricing varies by service

Monthly subscription + transaction fees

Refund Payables

Flexible, automated refund management software that saves time and costs for accounting teams.

  • Reserve account for deposit transfers
  • Automated charge and damage capture
  • Consent management and secure payments: roommate splits, direct deposit, mailed check, instant via debit card
  • Itemized deposit accounting statements – mailed and electronic
  • Reporting and analytics

Cash Security Deposit Automation

Seamless security deposit automation from deposit collection and bank management to refund issuance and reporting.

  • Everything included in our refund payables service, plus:
  • Secure deposit payment collection
  • Mid-lease changes and add-ons
  • Banking management – FDIC-insured property and resident & interest management
  • SmartCompliance by jurisdiction

Missing Refundee Service

Meets unclaimed property due diligence requirements and reduces the backlog of uncashed refund checks.

  • Resident outreach
  • Advance resident search
  • Automated refund re-issuance
  • Check & electronic refund options
  • Electronic consent where required

Resident amenities

Meaningful financial amenities that boost loyalty and help residents improve their financial health. Provided at no cost to you as part of our refund payables and deposit automation services.

  • Roost credit on-time rent reporting
  • Guides & savings
  • Renter’s insurance
  • Faster, smarter refunds

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Security deposit management

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Best-in-class support with every plan

Built-in resident support

Roost works as an extension of your team. From deposit payments, roommate splits, to pet-deposit adds, and lost checks — that’s our job now.

Compliance expertise

No matter where you’re properties are located, our security deposit specialists keep track of changing regulatory requirements so you don’t have to.

The Roost Refund Guarantee

If a refund is ever late due to our error or oversight, we cover the cost.