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Improve Net Operating Income with every move

Unless you’ve done a time study, you probably haven’t quantified the cost of cash security deposit management—or the potential savings and ROI of outsourcing it.

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How costly is in-house deposit management?

Every move-in and move-out eats up team time and has hard costs. Cash deposit automation provides full asset protection, reduces overhead, provides the deposit option 90% of renters prefer, and ensures a fair process for everyone.

Move in

Processing a deposit hold$
Take a deposit payment$
Scanning checks or money orders$
Bank deposits and holding management$
Managing chargebacks and NSFs$
Posting to ledger$
Issuing receipts$

During lease

Additional deposits or increases (pet, smart-tech, storage, rent increase)$
Deposit changes with unit transfers$
Adding roommates$
Lease changes$

Move out

Communicating charges to accounting$
Getting forwarding addresses$
Review & approval of refund amount$
Preparing itemized statement in accordance with jurisdictional requirements$
Attach photo/invoice proof$
Prepare & print statements$
Close the payable$
Mail refund — stuff envelope and check$
Mail statement (often done by site team)$
Post office drop off$


Complete month-end reconciliation$
Respond to resident refund questions$
Cancel/reissue check$
Manage unclaimed property$

Other costs

ACH payment, scan check and merchant fees$
Checks, stamps and envelopes$
Site and accounting team labor$
Banking holding maintenance$
Statement & receipt printing/mailing$
Charge backs and NSF management$
Deposit reconciliation$

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