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A modern and flexible

cash security deposit platform

Roost automates your existing cash security deposit management workflows to lower overhead, comply with deposit laws, and improve resident loyalty.

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Outsource your repetitive & costly cash security deposit tasks

Site teams have too much to do

Free up time for customer-centric activities by eliminating cash handling, data entry, statement/check mailing, and answering “where’s my refund” calls.

Reduce in-house costs by 80%

Roost integrates with your property management system to automate the entire security deposit workflow. Our partners enjoy 5X ROI with Roost.

Outsource your repetitive costly cash security deposit tasks with Roost - reduce in-house costs by 80%

Centralize processes to reduce errors & risk

Roost automates manual, error-prone processes to de-risk compliance and bring efficiency to your entire portfolio.

Deposit management

Flexible ways to pay, bank holding, pet deposit additions, ledger postings, and more.

On-time refunds

Automated site team reminders and next-day refunds, — check, ACH or direct-to-card.

Data-driven insights

Identify gaps, charge inconsistencies & optimizations across the entire portfolio.

Jurisdiction compliant

Configurable platform ensures jurisdiction-specific compliance & adjusts to changing regulations.

Fewer resident disputes

Residents can view refund status & receipts (along with itemization & damage proof) in the app.

Let’s get your property up and rolling in no time

Save time, money & hassle


lower costs


faster returns


fewer disputes

How end-to-end security deposit management works

Roost connects with Yardi, Realpage and Entrata to automate your entire security deposit flow — giving your site and accounting teams valuable time back.

Onboard instantly

It’s easy to switch your existing residents over to Roost, and new ones are automatically added at lease or application approval. Residents enjoy flexible ways to pay, including roommate splits.

Improve financial health

Support your residents’ financial wellness with guidance, savings, and a free app that helps them track their money. Plus, a simple, low-cost way to smooth out cash flow and build credit history.

Automate refunds

Complete your final account statement like usual and we manage the rest—refund deadlines, deposit account statements, payable close, lost/reissue checks and escheatment.

Build loyalty with resident perks that really matter

Build loyalty with resident perks that really matter like building credit history, faster refunds, roommate splits, and payment plans.

Financial wellness perks

Help residents save money and build credit history.

Fast and convenient refunds

Residents choose — split by roommate, check, ACH or direct to debit card.

Free deposit app

Keep residents informed about their money & refund.

Let’s get your property up and rolling in no time

Best-in-class support

From move-in to move-out

Enjoy dedicated account management and a help center with full launch support. Our security deposit specialists keep track of changing regulatory requirements so you don’t have to.

Built-in resident support

Our help center and support team answer resident cash security deposit questions. From move-in deposits, roommate splits, refund-ETAs, to lost checks—that’s our job now.

From move-in to move-out enjoy dedicated account management and built-in resident support