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cash deposit management
for better NOI

Cut the cost of cash deposit management by 80%, stay compliant, and elevate the resident experience with Roost.

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Up to 80% less than managing in-house

Full asset protection and 25% less damage

Build loyalty with resident perks that matter


Centralize processes to reduce error & risk

Free up time to focus on customer-centric activities by automating and outsourcing manual, error-prone cash deposit tasks.

Hands-off for site team

No more cash handling, data entry, check/statement mailing and answering “where’s my refund” calls.

Resident perks

Help residents save money and build credit history to improve their financial health, for free.

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100% of residents

Roost supports 100% of your residents. No credit checks or screening so you can truly outsource and save.

Compliance accuracy

Configurable platform adjusts to changing security deposit regulations.

Syncs with your tools

Roost works with your property management software — Yardi, Realpage and Entrata.

Data-driven insights

Identify gaps, charge inconsistencies & optimizations across your entire portfolio.

Roost properties enjoy 5X ROI.

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Provide residents with a
modern security deposit experience

Free app keeps residents informed & happy

Financial wellness perks helps residents save money

Fast and convenient refunds via ACH or check.

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Incentivize residents to protect your asset and theirs

Align renter motivation

Give residents transparency, rewards, and incentive to take care of their rental and get their full refund back.

Less damage = less bad debt

With less damage, you get lower accounts receivable, bad debt, and did we mention better reviews?

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Best-in-class support

Built-in resident support

Roost works as an extension of your team. From deposit payments, roommate splits, to pet-deposit adds, refunds and lost checks — that’s our job now.

It’s like having a deposit specialist at your side

Our security deposit specialists keep track of chaning regulatory requirements so you don’t have to.