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12 Essential cat supplies for apartment living

Keeping your cat happy, keeps everyone happy

For many people your cat is your best buddy. Consider yourself lucky if your apartment manager allows pets. However, and this is a BIG “however” you need to make sure your apartment shows no cat trace when you move out. Plus, you want your apartment cat to be happy while she lives in your apartment, even when while you’re away. We put together a list of essential cat supplies to help you ensure you and your kitty cat pal have the best life!

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Here are 12 essential cat supplies to keep your cat (and you) happy.

1. Pet Fountain, cat water fountain, automatic water dispenser for cats

$29.99 from AMAZON

You may have noticed that your cat likes running water. If you are a new cat parent, you will soon learn that cats prefer fresh, running water. This pet water fountain holds over two liters of water and features a stainless steel bowl.

This fountain is ideal for those who travel since the capacity can provide fresh water for up to a week

2. K&H Pet Products EZ mount window scratcher kitty sill cradle

$42.99 at Chewy

Every kitty loves a view. They love to watch the squirrels and birds, or just the traffic roll by. Window beds adhere to glass using strong suction cups designed to hold the cat’s weight. This bed acts as a comfy kitty swing for endless napping and it includes a scratching surface for wearing down claws. For extra fun, this bed comes with a sample of catnip.

3. Electric moving fish cat toys

$13.58 on Amazon

Cats are predators and, perhaps, even fishers in a past life. This realistic-looking floppy fish provides hours of primal fun and you can charge it via USB. This electric cat toy employs sensors to know when the cat touches it and wants to play. Biting, kicking, slobbering or scratching — this fish is tough enough to survive rough play times.

4. Cat Craft Three Tier Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree

$59.99 at Amazon

The Cat Craft Three Tier Cat Tree will keep your cat occupied for hours with multiple places to perch! The cat activity tree allows for cats to safely and naturally scratch, climb and simply lounge around on 3 different platforms.

You’ll feel grateful every time you hear your baby sharpening her claws on this and not the carpet.

5. K&H thermo-kitty bed deluxe hooded heated pet cat bed

$34.56 on Amazon

Turn down the heat when you are at work or during the night knowing that your cat will always stay toasty warm in it’s heated cat bed. You can zip off the top of this bed if your cat prefers a convertible or you can leave it on for shy kitties. It has a thermostat, and it is washable.

Cats love to snug in heated beds even in the summer.

6. PetAmi premium airline-approved soft-sided pet carrier

$33.99 at walmart

Vet visits and such require that your cat travel sometimes. In your apartment, you may not have room for a traditional hard-sided cat carrier. You can store this soft-sided cat carrier in small spaces. Additionally, it is airline approved if kitty needs to go on a long trip with you. It is available in six colors and two sizes.

Get $5/mo rent insurance

7. Frisco paw shaped cat litter mat

$6.34 on chewy

Litter, litter, litter…gets everywhere! Every cat parent knows this. This paw litter mat catches litter that falls off your cat’s feet as they exit their latrine. For extra protection, you can add the matching mat that fits under most sizes of cat litter boxes. These mats save you cleaning time. You shake them over the cat box to remove litter (litter that would have been all over your floors).

Roost Tip! Make sure pet issues are covered in your renter’s insurance policy. This coverage will help you if your cat causes an injury.

8. Nature’s Miracle odor remover

$12.53 on chewy

You hope you never need this cat odor remover, but odds are, you are going to need it. This odor remover spray uses an oxygenated citrus cleaner that is even safe on fabrics. If you have an older cat who is having a rough time getting to the box, or a stubborn cat that you are battling with, this spray can help you keep your apartment clean and smelling (not like cat urine) fresh.

If you’re looking for more ways to get rid of the odor, see 5 tricks to get rid of the cat pee smell.

9. Cat camera

$25.98 on amazon

See what your sweet (or not so sweet) fur buddy is doing while you are away. This Wi-Fi cat camera allows you to see and hear your apartment cat and even lets you shoot playful lasers! Meoowwza!

It has two-way sound so you can talk to your kitty (and it can mew at you) and it has night vision. For the price, this camera can provide endless hours of kitty-human bonding. This camera is also suitable for human babies.

10. Petfect scratch protector

$16.99 on amazon

Cat scratch fever may be somewhat of a myth (or song), but they may scratch your door or other areas of your apartment, which could cause problems with your landlord. This scratch protector film provides almost 60 inches of feline protection. And, it is removable so you can exit your apartment with more of your security deposit. 

If you are looking for decorative wall coverings, see Best removable wallpaper for your apartment.

11. Automatic cat feeder

$79.99 on amazon

Some of our beloved fur kids strive to be chunky. Without monitoring, some cats can get quite portly (and happy). Programmable cat feeders help you regulate how often and when your cat enjoys its kibble. Food metering will help keep your cat non-diabetic and your vet happy. 

This feeder holds up to four liters of food and is programmable.  It operates with batteries, so you don’t need a wall plugin to make this feeder work. If you are going to be gone a few days you might want to make certain that the batteries are fresh.

12. Travel cat harness

$29.99 on amazon

Get your cat outside and roaming without worrying about them wandering too far or getting…well, smashed. Cat harnesses comfortably fit your cat and allow you and your four-legged companion to go on adventures. This harness is available in multiple colors, sports a reflective strip and comes with a leash.

We love our pets and if we are lucky enough to get a landlord who allows us to have our pets in our rental, we are even more fortunate. These essential cat supplies will help you keep your apartments clean and our cats happy.

Get $5/mo rent insurance

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Last Updated: March 5th, 2024