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  • Save your team time mailing refunds statements and checks
  • Offer choice of electronic payment and refund splits
  • Stay compliant in every jurisdiction
  • Resident support and refund replacement services included
  • Syncs with your workflow and software

Special NAA conference offer

Enter to win a free year of security deposit refund service for one property, plus a Gen 3 Horizon Oura Ring! *Some conditions apply.

Get Roost demo at Booth SZ4!
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*Some conditions apply

Visit Roost at Apartmentalize, booth SZ4

Visit us at booth SZ4 at Apartmentalize to see how Roost can cut costs and help your team stay compliant. We’ll show you how our technology saves time, simplifies operations and improves the resident experience. Learn about easy security deposit refunds, better compliance, and efficient system integration. Book your Roost demo for Refund Automation at NAA.

Plus, don’t miss our happy hour co-sponsored with TheGuarantors. More details coming soon!

Visit Roost at NAA – booth SZ4

Roost is at Booth SZ4 in the startup zone at apartementalize 2024