Property managers - Roost Security deposit and compliance management
May 8 Webinar: Best practices to reduce uncashed security deposit checks

Outsource the hassle


We take care of the security deposit process so you and your team can spend less time focused on managing the hassle and risk of refunds and more time on revenue generative activities. You’ll also receive fewer questions about what residents can or can’t do and minimize disputes and tension around refunds.

How we help:

  • No cost to you
  • Fill vacancies faster
  • Remove security deposit management hassle and overhead — banking, compliance, processing, accounting fees, and communication
  • Eliminate compliance risk and deposit penalties
  • Improves financial stability of residents
  • Fewer resident disputes
  • Better security deposit reviews
  • Effortless for onsite teams

Replace compliance risk with ease

Roost’s deposit management platform replaces a manual, error-prone process with an automated one, helping to mitigate organizational risk and enable compliance for each and every resident.

Our eight-point SmartCompliance checklist drives Roost’s backend configuration. Unique requirements for rent board or jurisdiction regulations can be quickly configured.

Get set up in as little as a week

Roost doesn’t replace your existing security deposit process—we work with it—to quickly set up a streamlined, modern experience that your property managers and residents will love.

No Saas fees

The Roost platform is free. There’s no monthly SaaS charge for your property and the bulk of Roost’s app features are free to residents, too. Our standard platform features include:

  • Automated deposit intake
  • SmartCompliance checks
  • Interest accrual management
  • Automated refund management
  • 5-day reimbursement guarantee
  • Property management system integration
  • Simple mobile app experience
  • Resident financial tools & services

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