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Resident financial amenities that make a real difference

Build loyalty and attract quality residents with financial amenities that support financial progress and improve transparency and trust.

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Free app keeps residents informed & happy

Financial wellness perks helps residents save money

Modern and flexible deposit & refund options are built-in


Encourage residents to protect their asset and yours

The security deposit is a significant asset for the average renter. Give residents transparency, rewards and incentive to get their full refund back.

Interest rewards

Residents earn Interest rewards on their security deposit balance.

Credit history building

On-time rent payments and advance repayments help build credit history.

Built-in emergency fund

Small security deposit advances with automatic repayment plans. (Your property is always fully covered.)

Savings and reviews

Product comparisons and discounts from over 100
leading brands.

Financial guidance

Helpful guidance on everything money—budgeting, paying down debt, investing & more.

Fast refunds

No more single checks made out to each roommate. Split refunds by ACH, check or same-day to debit card.

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Improve NOI and financial wellness at the same time

Incent loyalty

Build trust and transparency. Empower renters to leverage their money while renting and view charges and refund status after move-out.

Reduce delinquencies

Provide perks that help residents smooth out cash flow, save money and build credit history—and reward them for on-time rent payments.

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What residents say

My last property took over a month to get my refund back. Now I get it back in days.

The Roost app was easy to use, customer service was personable, and keeping track of my refund was overall pretty easy.

Roost properties enjoy 5X ROI.

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