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Use your security deposit to

improve your financial health

Make your refundable deposits act more like a savings account.
Earn interest rewards, take advances, build your credit history.

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How it works

When you sign your lease

Pay your deposits online

Pay your refundable deposits to Roost with a checking account or credit card.

Flexible payment timing

If you live in a state or city that requires deposit payment plans, or your property decides to offer it, take up to 12 weeks to pay.

Cover just your share

Have roommates? Pay just your share of the deposits at move-in and receive your share of the refund directly at move-out.

Already paid your deposit?

When your property signs up for Roost, your deposits will move to Roost and you can activate your account!

How it works

While you rent

Earn interest rewards

If your property is eligible, earn interest rewards on your refundable deposits.

Use your money in a pinch

Upgrade your membership to tap into your refundable deposits. Pay yourself back over 90 days. No credit check. No interest. Cancel anytime.

Build credit history

If you take an advance on your deposits, we’ll help you build credit history by reporting your payments.

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How it works

When you move out

Get more money back

Recieve tips and reminders once you give notice to help you maximize your refund.

Enjoy faster refunds

No more waiting around for a check—or arguing with roommates about the refund. Get your share in your checking account within a few days.

Double-check charges

Hopefully you won’t have any damage charges. If there are, see exactly how much they cost.

Make all the right moves along the way

Curated guidance to help you navigate your rights and responsibilities as a renter. Plus, deals, savings opportunities, and product reviews to help you save even more.

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What our members say

This app saved me from a $150 in late rent charges. I’m glad I have it.

I’ll be able to build credit with this when I repay my account? That’s awesome.

My last property took over a month to get my refund back. Now I get it back in days.

This is so cool. It’s like an emergency savings account!

We treat your data like it’s our own

We don’t share personal information with unaffiliated third parties for their advertising or marketing purposes.

We take security seriously. We use 128-bit or higher encryption to protect during the transmission of data to our site.

Every account is protected by bank-level security and FDIC-insured up to $250,000

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