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12 Ways to hang pictures without leaving a hole

Make your apartment feel like home and still get your security deposit back!

Make your apartment feel like home — with your sense of style and décor. Pictures make the home beautiful. Hanging pictures, posters, artwork and memorabilia is at the top of our list, but working within rental lease restrictions makes it a challenge since your rental agreement may require you to hang pictures without nails. Fortunately, today there are many temporary décor solutions (that don’t put holes in walls) — that not only look great but won’t put your security deposit refund at risk.  

Here are our top 12 ways to hang pictures without nails. Not only can you skip the hammer and nail for these options, but most don’t require tools.

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Get sticky! Use removable adhesives to hang pictures without nails

1. Command Hooks

Command hooks feature a special adhesive that holds tight to various surfaces, including doors and walls.

Command hooks to hang pictures

These hooks are available to support a variety of weight capacities. They can easily be used to hang framed photographs, mirrors, and artwork.  Additionally, you can use them in your kitchen for utensils and in your closet for handbags or hats. The unique adhesive not only sticks tightly to many different types of walls but it is also easily removed without damaging your wall or paint.

2. Removable Adhesive Strips

Like Command Hooks, removable adhesive strips are a great solution for hanging lighter items.

Removable Adhesive Command strips

Consider lining the backside of a framed picture with four adhesive strips for optimum hold. Again, these products are specifically designed to be easily removed when you move without damaging walls and allow you to hang pictures without nails.

3. Jellysub Picture Hanging Strips

Jellysub brand picture hanging strips, also known as hook and loop products, can be a fun and inexpensive way to adhere light pictures and collage pieces onto your walls, windows, doors, etc.

Jellysub hanging strips (hook and loop)

Be sure to buy a product with adhesive backing on both sides of the velcro and your possibilities are endless. Velcro is also a flexible solution for items that you may want to replace in the same location frequently  – simply attach the hook half of velcro to the new item you’d like to hang and replace any item on your wall easily and frequently.

4. Magnetic Picture Mounts

A creative option similar to Velcro, magnetic picture mounting dots, can support lightweight pictures and mementos.

Adhesive magnet mounting dots

Magnets and Velcro are especially handy for items that you think you’d like to rearrange in the future, as they can be quickly taken on and off the wall. You can easily find lightweight magnets with adhesive backing, but you can also consider hot gluing magnets to your picture for added, long term hold.

Rearrange your furniture and get hanging

5. Creative Furniture Pieces

No one ever said you had to hang a picture on a wall. Consider unique pieces of furniture or décor to hang your pictures on. An old ladder can make quite a statement when leaned up against a wall and adorned with framed vacation photos, dried flowers, or souvenirs sitting on the rungs.

Decorative room divider no wall damage

A room divider can be used in a similar fashion and easily moved around the room to fit your changing tastes and style. Using this technique, you can hang pictures without nails while also adding a touch of style.

6. Utilize Bookshelves

Modern décor is full of whimsy, including using your bookcases for way more than books. Consider using a hammer and nail on the center of your bookcase to hang a framed picture.

Additionally, you can use bookcases to create a divider between spaces in your room and hang paintings on the back of the shelves that face into your new “room.”

7. Lean larger pictures against the wall

One of the easiest ways to decorate your apartment is to lean large framed pictures against a wall or windows. Don’t be afraid to get creative leaning artwork against your kitchen or bathroom backsplash either, or for exceptionally large pieces and mirrors – directly on the floor.

Large picture leaned against a wall instead of hanging to avoid wall damage

If you have young children or pets, be sure to place artwork only where little hands or paws cannot reach them.

8. Use Decorative Easels

Another option is to consider buying an attractive easel to display your pictures or a special book. You can adjust the heights and place art around your apartment to mix things up. This creative solution will help you add art to your home and hang pictures without nails.

Decorative easel

And if space becomes an issue, you can always fold the easel and tuck it away in a closet or under a bed for safekeeping.

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Get Creative! Curtain rods aren’t just for curtains

9. Tension Rods

If you have a unique space or are really up to the challenge to create something fun for your apartment, consider using tension rods to add décor and pictures to your rooms. You can purchase tension rods inexpensively online.

Tension rods

Use these spring-mounted rods in between cabinets or inside windows and doorways. Tension rods are designed to hang curtains without hardware or tools and can be used to string up lights, pictures, and other fun installations. If you’re looking for one that will hold a bit more weight, consider buying a tension rod designed for shower curtains.

10. String Clips

Any craft supply store can be a great source of inspiration for hanging event pictures, Instax images or magazine clippings you want to hang onto. Cord and clip photo hangers work great around desks, where small notes are valuable, but can also be used on walls with command hooks or hung on doors and windows.

You can even find picture clips that light up with batteries adding a cozy glow to your apartment.

String clips to hang pictures

11. Removable Decals

Specially designed for temporary use, decals (and wallpaper) are an affordable and fun way to add a big impact to any room. Great for kid’s spaces (but also fun for adults), you can easily find inexpensive decals online that are safe to use and easy to remove from walls once you move.

Removable decals

Some decals even take the shape of picture frames, allowing you to easily and safely mount pictures from your vacations, graduations, weddings, etc. 

12. Project your pictures onto the wall

One of our favorite and most conversation inducing ways to display pictures in your apartment without touching the wall is to invest in a small projector.

Portable projector

Using a projector, you can turn any boring white wall into an instant picture gallery. Projectors are getting smaller and can be operated using your cell phone – the sky’s the limit in what images you could project on the wall, including pictures from that vacation you may be missing this year!

Roost Tip! Ask your landlord if there are rules against hanging pictures on your wall using nails. Many landlords want their residents to feel at home and stay for the long term – hanging artwork may not be out of the question. However, protect yourself by asking for permission in writing.

Tips for removing your art when it’s time to move

Depending on which method you use to personalize your apartment with pictures, any of these suggestions should help you move on. 

  • Adhesive products, including command strips, Velcro, or hooks, should be removed slowly and per the manufacturer’s instructions. 
  • Keep a mild cleaning solution nearby to wipe down the walls after you remove adhesive products. 
  • Don’t scrub away residue or adhesive aggressively  – doing so could damage the wall. 

No matter what restrictions you experience as the resident of an apartment or house rental, there is no reason you cannot make your home a reflection of your personality.

It isn’t necessary to hammer nails or otherwise damage your walls to get the design aesthetic you desire. Utilizing bookcases, adhesive strips, or even string can make your apartment feel like home. With a little creativity and some time, no one will ever know how your pictures are hung – including your landlord!

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Last Updated: November 29th, 2022