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Apartment living: 15 of our favorite essentials for your dog

Dog supplies to help you keep your home clean and your apartment dog happy

Your buddy misses you when you are gone. And your apartment may suffer the consequences. Our essential list of dog supplies can help you keep your apartment-living,  city-living dog happy while you are home, and more importantly, while you are away.

If you are lucky enough to find a landlord that allows you to live with your fur family, it is your job to keep your dog happy and your unit clean. This requires you to keep your apartment and common areas clear of dog evidence. Keeping your dog free of bad or anxiety spurned habits will help you accomplish these tasks.

Dog supplies like chew toys, carpet protectors, anti-anxiety snacks and grooming tools can help you keep your dog happy and your apartment undamaged. And, if all goes well, you’ll get your pet security deposit returned when you move.

Fifteen essential dog supplies for your apartment dog

1. HeimVision Security Camera

Dog essential supply: security camera
$19.99 at walmart

Do you wonder what your dog is up to while you are away? Well, now you can know. With a camera, you can check on your little trouble-maker or lonely girl using your mobile phone.

For the price, this camera includes a lot of features, including motion and sound detection. It even works with your other household pet, Alexa.

2. Calming shag vegan fur donut cuddler dog bed

Calming shag vegan fur donut cuddler dog bed
$25 on amazon

Shag is where it’s at. This dog bed features retro comfort but modern sensibility. And, you can throw it in the wash! It is available in two colors and multiple sizes.

This bed is so cozy it may even entice your dog to stay off of your furniture during nap time. The fur donut cuddler is created with non-toxic, pet-safe materials.

3. Waterpik PPR-252 pet wand pro shower sprayer

Dog essential supply: pet wand pro shower sprayer
$36.97 on amazon

Remove the smell from your funky dog with this convenient sprayer. No tool can make your dog love baths, but this tool can help make the “torture” session go by more quickly.

It works with most shower hardware and can be attached to an outdoor garden hose as well. If your dog is extra anxious about baths, you can add this slow treater to the shower wall to help distract him.

4. AmazonBasics dog and puppy training pads

Dog essential supply: dog and puppy training pads
$28.20 on amazon

Protect your floors and carpets with piddle pads. These are not just for puppies. Any dog can have an accident while you are away or asleep.

You will have a much easier time keeping your apartment clean and getting your deposit back if dog pee or poo never hits the floor. These pads come in packs of up to 150, which should be enough for even dogs with overactive or nervous bladders.

5. Bissell Turboclean Powerbrush pet upright carpet cleaner

Bissell 2085 Turboclean Powerbrush Pet Carpet Cleaner Review - Appliance  Guide
$164.94 on amazon

Accidents happen. Maybe you are training a pup or have an elderly companion that is having a hard time.

This carpet cleaner is affordably-priced and can help you keep your apartment smelling clean. You can use it with Bissell cleaner or your favorite pet stain cleaner. It also cleans up human messes like spilled drinks and marinara disasters.

6. Earth Rated dog poo bags

dog essential supply: poop bags
$7.99 on amazon

There is no way around it, your dog poos. Apartment-living dogs may have limited opportunities to poo free in the wilderness. Most poo in the city. If they are lucky dogs, in a dog park on the grass. Either way, you have to pick it up.

These dog bags are top-rated, leak-proof and colored. They even have fitted finger sections to make grasping the dookie easier.

7. FurHaven water-resistant, reversible furniture protector

FurHaven water resistant, reversible furniture protector
$46.99 on chewy

Go ahead, try to keep your dog off of your couch. No matter what you do, as soon as you leave, your tricky boy will do things he knows he is not supposed to do.

That dog fur doesn’t get on your couch by accident. This furniture protector helps keep dog fur, slobber, and other ick off your sofa or favorite chair.

8. Ruff ‘n Ruffus retractable dog with extras

Dog essential supplies: Retractable dog leash with extras like a poop bag
$19.97 on amazon

Your dog will make you get out and exercise. Make your excursion more enjoyable and controllable, with a retractable dog leash.

The manufacturer says this leash survives walks with even paw-zilla-sized dogs. Plus, it comes with extras! The freebies include a poo bag holder, a travel bowl, a collar night light and refuse bags.

9. KONG stuff’n easy treat bacon and cheese

KONG Stuff'N Easy Treat Bacon & Cheese Recipe, 8-oz bottle - Chewy.com
$7.99 on chewy

Honestly, who doesn’t love canned cheese? Plus, this canned cheese also includes BACON! This combo satisfies even picky dogs. This treat makes dog toys extra fun and helps keep your dog out of trouble for hours.

While it is intended for KONG toys, it will work with any fillable toy. For extended fun, you can freeze the cheese-filled toy before giving it to your best friend.

10. M.C.works pineapple dog chew toy for aggressive chewer

Dog essential supplies Chew toy
$19.99 on amazon

If you don’t give your dog (especially a puppy) something to chew, they may destroy things like your shoes, remote control, chair legs, or couch cushions.

This pineapple dog chew is nearly indestructible and can be filled with your buddy’s favorite treats. It is available in four sizes and has a squeaky option available. 

11. Four Paws Magic Coat Pro 2 dog grooming brush

Dog essential supply: Grooming brush
$15.51 at walmart

One way to keep fur off of carpet, curtains, beds and clothing is to collect it directly from the dog before it ejects onto your favorite items.

This dog grooming tool has a standard brush plus a tool for working through matted hair. It comes in three sizes and is suitable for medium hair.

12. PremiumCare calming treats for dogs

PremiumCare calming treats for separation anxiety
STARTING $25 on amazon

Have you ever come home to half of your living room chewed up? If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, or just simply anxiety, calming treats may help.

These treats are duck-flavored and contain natural ingredients like passionflower, chamomile, valerian root, l-tryptophan, and organic ginger root. This container includes 120 treats and may help save your furniture, carpet, floors, and doors from the actions of an anxious dog.

13. Road Refresher no slobber, no-spill dog water bowl

Road Refresher no slobber no spill do water bowl
$16.57 on amazon

Come home to a clean, dry floor for a change. Dogs need access to fresh water to be healthy, but many manage to spill their water every day. This water bowl helps control slobber and splash.

It has a lid for travel and it is dishwasher safe. If your dog is extra frisky, it comes with Velcro strips you can add to help keep the bowl in place. 

14. Best Pet dog supplies foldable pet steps

foldable pet steps for small dogs
$59.49 on amazon

Sometimes your dog needs up. Up to the bed, up to the couch or up to the window. These steps are foldable and easily movable. Older dogs may need help up to their favorite sleeping spots. Or, other dogs are happy looking out the window all day.

These steps are designed to cushion paws and joints. You can get a three- or four-step set of stairs. You also have a choice of eight colors.

15. Polar Aurora heavy duty dog crate

Luckup Heavy duty kennel
$215.99 ON amazon

And for our next act…for the Houdini of dogs…an extra tough dog crate! This crate helps keep your clever canine in place while you are away.  The “cage” is made of safe metal that will not harm your dog even if they try to chew through the kennel.

If your dog has destroyed typical crates available in the dog supplies section of your local pet store, it may be time to try a heavy-duty version like with one from Polar Aurora. 

If all efforts fails, see How to remove stains from your carpet.

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Last Updated: November 29th, 2022