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Space-saving bike racks for apartments

Genius bicycle rack solutions

You love to bike. It’s a healthy activity, it’s good for the environment, and it can save you money on gas or bus fare. But you live in a small apartment, maybe in the big city, so for you, space is at a premium, and your bike is not small.  Perhaps you have high ceilings and will benefit from hanging your bike from the ceiling. Or maybe your landlord won’t allow you to put holes in the walls or the ceiling and you need a floor-based solution. No matter what your needs are, we’ve got you covered. Check out our top recommendations below for the best wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted and floor-stand apartment bike rack!

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Wall-mounted bike hangers

This can often be the best solution for apartment dwellers. If you have a little bit of available wall space and you can put a few screws in your wall, you can hang your bike with a minimum of fuss. And when you’re ready to move on to your next place, just patch up the holes and you can take your bike rack with you.

1. Ibera horizontal-mounted bike hanger

Ibera Horizontal bike hanger
$42.99 from amazon

This hanger is simple, efficient, and relatively inexpensive (just over $40). It sports an adjustable angle (up to 45°) to keep your bike level and has padded arms that can extend to fit wider handlebars.

The double-arm hanger has padded ABS arms to keep the bike secure and protects against paint damage in your apartment.

It can hold bikes up to 40 lbs and can be mounted on masonry or drywall (using anchors).

This simple, solid, and inexpensive apartment bike rack is perfect for any apartment dweller.

2. Steadyrack vertical bike rack

Steadyrack vertical bike hanger
$179.99 from Amazon

Vertical storage (that is, with your bike’s front wheel on the hook and the bike hanging down) is often the most efficient way to store a bike in a smaller apartment.

This is a great option for apartments with limited space because once mounted, it can swivel up to 160°, so you can position the bike to fit in whatever space you have available to you.

Plus, if you happen to have a bike that’s on the heavier side, you’re in luck: this holds up to 77 pounds!

Check with your landlord about an appropriate for installation.

3. Delta Design single bike rack

single bike rack Delta
$10.82 From amazon

Here’s an inexpensive option (less than $15!) that can work in an apartment where space is at a premium.

Not only is it easy to mount, but it’ll also hold your bike (up to 40 lbs.) inches away from the wall. That way, you can assure your landlord that you won’t be marking up the precious walls with tire marks!

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Ceiling-mounted hangers

Sometimes, you can’t find a spot on your wall to mount your bike no matter how much you’d like to. In these cases, hanging your bike from the ceiling could be a great option.

1. Container Store ceiling-mount bike lift

Ceiling mount bike lift
$32.99 from The Container Store

The pulley system easily lifts heavier items and features an auto-locking mechanism to keep items secure.

The flexibility of this device makes it highly suited for apartments: you could use it to hang a kayak, paddleboard, or any number of things that might otherwise clutter up your apartment.

Made of metal, it includes mounting hardware and holds up to 50lbs.

That’s handy to have!

2. Gladiator advanced ceiling-mount claw bike hook

Gladiator ceiling-mount claw bike hook
$34.99 from home depot

Another good option for ceiling mount, this under $30 choice holds one bike, up to 50 pounds, and features a push-lock design that allows you to pop your bike into the claw and easily pull it out.

This is a great option for apartment dwellers who don’t have a ton of wall space and want to mount a single bike vertically.

3. Wallmount bike ceiling mount hanger

Wallmount bike ceiling mount hanger from Amazon
$19.99 from amazon

This easy pulley system is perfect for an apartment with high ceilings and features a locking mechanism to keep your bike in place.

Best of all, it’s rated for heavier bikes that are up to 100 lbs!

Floor stands

1. Delta Cycle 2-bike gravity wall rack

Delta Cycle 2 Bike Rack Garage Storage - Gravity Wall Bike Stand, No Drilling Required - Fully Adjustable Garage Bike Rack for Road, MTB, and Hybrid Bicycles - Vertical Bike Stand Holds Up to 80 lbs
$67.19 from Amazon

If you have some space on your floor right next to a wall, this is a perfect option, especially if you’re looking to rack two different bikes.

It has rubber bumpers to protect the wall and can be anchored to it if need be. It features two adjustable, padded arms to hold your bikes of any shape and size.

The perfect rack for apartment dwellers who ride together!

2. Reliance foldable bike stand

Sports Foldable Alloy Bicycle Stand Bike Floor Parking Rack Steady Wheel Holder Fit 20"-29" BikesIndoor Home Garage Cycling Storage Organizer Cycle Tires Rack Holder for Mountain and Road Bike
$32.85 from amazon

Perhaps the simplest of the rack options, this single-bike solution is inexpensive and elegant. Its four-point design really keeps your bike steady and it features a quick easy-in and out locking mechanism.

This is a great choice for someone who wants simplicity: put this near the entrance to your apartment, wheel your bike into it and forget about it until you need it the next time you want to ride.

Bike-storage solutions for small apartments

Bikes are a big part of many people’s lives. We use them for exercise, recreation, and to get around. Many apartment dwellers, especially those in the big city, love their bikes but struggle to store them in smaller spaces.

The right apartment bike rack storage solution — whether you’re mounting on the ceiling or wall or using a rack — can save you space, reduce the hassle, and give you peace of mind, secure your bike, and make it easily accessible whenever you need it!

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Last Updated: July 26th, 2023