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Easy side hustles you can do after work

Did you know that many people are now paying over 50 percent (!!!) of their income towards rent? You might be one of them. Perhaps one or more easy side hustles can help you make ends meet. You might even have fun doing them.

We’ve put together a list of side jobs that you can do around your full-time job or college coursework.

What is a side hustle?

A side hustle is a job you do “on the side” of your regular job. In the past, it may have been called “moonlighting.” People may also call this kind of work a “side gig” or simply freelance work.

Looking for a side hustle for extra cash?

Easy side hustles to earn extra cash

Many highly-skilled and entry-level side gigs are available for you whether you are looking for a weekend, night, or day gig. Many can be found online or even in your neighborhood.

Just remember, a side gig is, er — just that. SIDE work. Don’t over commit your time and try to keep it fun.

Become a personal vehicle driver

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we all do business, delivery services are increasingly in demand. Many companies allow you to use your vehicle and set your hours.

This is currently one of the hottest gigs out there. Delivery services are a good gig for those who enjoy driving and want to get outside and move around a bit.

Often you are paid and tipped directly through an app, and customers may also choose to pay cash tips. You may be transporting food, online orders, or humans. If you are looking for flexible hours and cash tips, then this one could be for you.

According to Payscale, delivery drivers earn an average of $15 per hour. Many choose to work with more than one delivery company simultaneously. 

Delivery services to consider

Meal delivery

Advantages: You may receive cash tips, and you can set your own schedule.

Grocery delivery

Advantages: You can set your schedule, you may get tipped, and you can work solo.

Online product delivery

Advantages: You can make good pay during the holidays.

People delivery

Advantages: Many people tip cash, you work your own schedule, and you can use your car.

In-home care: Infant, child, and elderly care

If you prefer something more interactive, don’t have a car, or don’t like to drive, consider care gig jobs.

Many families are seeking part-time care for their family members, including young babies and elderly parents. If you have the patience for this type of work, it can be rewarding work while also helping you meet your budget.

If you need a place to live or would like to save money, consider exiting your next apartment lease and look for a care job with a live-in option.

According to ZipRecruiter, caregivers average about $10-$13 per hour. How to find caregiver work,

Advantages: You may be able to set up a steady schedule for predictable side income.

Technical and marketing freelance or contract work

Technical skills are in high demand and most of the work is remote. Many large companies and startups are looking for freelance, contract or short-term workers to help them complete projects.

Jobs may include website building, content writing, branding, engineering, marketing, and more. You may be asked to supply a portfolio and sign up for a service to perform contract work. 

Pay for technical work varies widely. You may accept a project for $50 or $5,000. There are plenty of freelance contractor sites to find work at:

Advantages: You can work from home whenever you want, and you can set your pay.

Roost Tip! Read the fine print on you are charged for using these sites, some can charge you quite a bit of money which takes a big bite out of your earnings.

Odd jobs and handyman work

If you have handyman skills, a work truck, or even just a strong back, you can easily find local odd jobs. You may be hired for skilled work such as plumbing, electrical work, or appliance repair or for labor such as moving, cleaning, or landscaping.

The pay for these types of jobs varies. Skilled work may earn you over $50 per hour, or you may agree to simple tasks for $10 per hour. You can find local work via:

Advantages: You can set your pay and likely earn same-day pay.

What do I need to get a side job?

Besides the skills required to complete the job, you may be asked to prove your skills and trustworthiness. The following may be required to earn easy side hustles:

  • Reliable transportation
  • Valid ID and SSN
  • Background check
  • Portfolio of work or references
  • LinkedIn profile
  • A mobile phone with the required app installed
  • Permission from your full-time employer (check your employment agreement)
  • Reliable internet connection and up-to-date hardware and software
  • Tools required to complete the work
  • Liability insurance
  • Current driver’s license, insurance, and good driving record

Are paid freelance or employment apps worth it?

In the past, job seekers were advised to never pay for services and that only employers should pay to use an employment board, app, or recruiting service. That advice still holds true in many cases. But it is up to you to decide if you want to pay for additional services.

For example, paid versions of UpWork and LinkedIn will allow you to contact people, rather than having to wait to be contacted after you pass your free allowance.

Many services may also take “a cut” from your pay for the services. You may benefit from trying the free version first and then deciding if you want to pay for the additional features.

Legal ways to make fast cash to pay your rent

If you need money right now because your landlord is already knocking on your door, there are a few ways to make fast cash, and, ahem, legally.

For example, you can donate blood or plasma for pay. You can sign up for a clinical trial. Or, you can work for a staffing agency that pays daily. Check out our article, How to make fast cash for tons more ideas to start earning cash fast.

You could also try to sell your stuff online using a local marketplace. To avoid eviction, you may also be able to find rent assistance.

Working an easy side hustle is a good way to make extra money. Some have even found they enjoy their side gig more than their day job! If you don’t have an immediate need, moonlighting can help you build an emergency fund to help you easily manage whatever life throws your way.

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Last Updated: June 20th, 2023