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Roost | People Clerk review

People Clerk helps renters throughout the small claims process. They take you from preparing your small claims lawsuit to helping you prepare for your small claims hearing date. For example, if you feel you are owed more of your security deposit refund or your lease was terminated early unfairly, then their service helps you through the steps. 

Here is an overview of pros and cons for renters. 

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Pros of People Clerk for renters

  • They help renters prepare an evidence packet for your small claims court hearing so that you are prepared. 
  • They are very affordable, charging $49 upfront, and $99 if you win or settle. This does not include small claims court fees or serving costs (they have an easy to use pricing tool to help you calculate this). 
  • Renters can purchase an add-on if they would like an attorney to review their lawsuit and evidence packet. 
  • People Clerk has great customer reviews on Trustpilot

Cons of People Clerk for renters

  • Renters have to represent themselves at the small claims hearing
  • People Clerk currently only serves certain states. 
  • They are not an attorney or law firm, but if you need to speak to an attorney they will help connect you with one. 
  • People Clerk’s customer service is predominantly chat and email-based available Monday through Friday. 

How does People Clerk work?

  1. You answer simple questions in under 20 minutes.
  1. You upload all your evidence (pictures, videos, receipts, lease agreement, etc.)
  1. People Clerk prepares your lawsuit and evidence packet for your review and approval. 
  1. People Clerk files your lawsuit & serves your landlord.
  1. People Clerk helps you prepare for the small claims hearing with videos and articles. 

Alternatives to People Clerk 

• Talking to your landlord directly to try to work it out 

Ok, you probably tried this already and it didn’t work and that is why you are reading this article, but if not — please start here. Your landlord doesn’t want to go to small claims court either and if you have good rationale they are most likely willing to compromise. 

• Hiring a lawyer

Hiring a lawyer is expensive and rarely viable unless your claim is over a certain amount of money. For example, if your claim is for a $600 security deposit dispute, then you do not want to pay a lawyer $225 to $450 just to talk with you. Not to mention, they won’t likely take your case. 

Roost Tip! If your claim amounts to less than $5000 it’s usually not worth the expense to hire an attorney.

• DIY – Do it yourself

As a renter, you are more than capable of doing this on your own if you can spare the time to learn the process, read the materials and follow each step. 

Get $5/mo rent insurance

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Last Updated: October 5th, 2021